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Find here an inspiration for a studio corner in your home!


Don’t you have enough space at home but you absolutely need a space to study or work?

You can use this standard solution, adaptable for every need, to design your dreaming space.



You just need the following essential elements to imagine the right space where is possible to study, research, spend some time at the pc.

The solution we are proposing has three main elements:


1. The main product of the composition is the table, you can use a light design for a wood table to create a warm atmosphere.

2. Choose a comfortable scandinavian chair. You can have it in many colors and make it match to curtains, carpet or walls!



3. To have the right illumination choose a table lamp. You can buy it on a design web with some discount.

We suggest:


other useful tips:

you can choose a different color for the wall where the table is placed, to define better the space and give it a different identity.

To have a little storage for your books and stuff you can install some wood rectangular shelves on the wall (simple profile) to define the space, otherwise use a design furniture as in the cover image.


Here’s your studio corner combo!



 table: Compactus by Mint Furniture 

chair: About A Chair AAC22 by Hay

table lamp: Gräshoppa by Gubi

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