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The waiting room is a very important space for your professional agency!

It’s especially important because it is your presentation to the people that comes to visit you for both private and business reasons.



Of course it is necessary to differentiate if it is a graphic’s agency, a lawyer’s office, a doctor’s studio… each one must have some specific features according to the main function; but some rules for the best design of space and furniture are common for all of them!

The waiting room is very important to welcome your guests in the best way and make them comfortable during the waiting time.

In a short while you will see how to create with a few elements a simple waiting room for your professional studio!

Let’s start with the walls: they create the atmosphere around us.

We propose you to choose a soft color, such as a pastel color, also for the finishing…light blue and clear grey for example are associated to an idea of relax, but every light color can go!



Otherwise you can choose a bright color if you want to give a very precise image of the profession and evocate something, for example if your logo is red you can think to have just one red wall.

Waiting chairs also have an important role to design the space: they must be nice and comfortable.

Our proposal for a generic waiting room, which can be good for any taste is an armchair designed specifically for a waiting area.



The lighting has to be soft and create a warm atmosphere. You can choose a design object or a lighting wall-composition according to the space you have.

Other useful tips:

You cannot miss a coffee-table, maybe in the same colour of the wall. Here an example for you!



The perfect combo:



lamp: Lampadaire Ramy FL by Envy

armchair: 366 Armchair Loft Mustard by 366 Concept

table: Cicca by Miniforms

cover image by Mint Furniture


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