Playful living-room

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The living room is the heart of the house, where your guests are welcomed and where you spend your relaxing time.



What do you have in mind if you are looking for relax?
for sure a chunky sofà!! … this element plays a crucial role in the living room. According to its shape, size and position you generally decide where to place the other elements.

Of course everything depends on our personal taste, maybe you want a modern living room or retrò or you prefer minimal style… you only have to choose elements that match your taste!

We propose an inspiring design – sofa that can configure space and at the same time will give a taste of modernity.

On the sofà wall, if you want a classic style, you can try to hang up some paintings, photos or a composition. Otherwise you can place an object like the worldmap below.


Usually, in front of the sofa a coffee table is placed, as a supporting plane for magazines, books, coffee, tea… A design element can define the space of your living room.

Remember the style we chose is very important and everything has to be coordinated.

You can find a nice coffee table in the next photo…

Finally a suspended lamp projects a soft light on the sofa area to create the right atmosphere for your guests or to help you relax your mind.


Here few elements for your colourful living room with our combo!


cover image by moroso
sofa: bubble by Roche Bobois
coffee table: morning glory by Moroso
lamp: macaron by Emko

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