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It’s the first room we think about when we have a new home and the bed is the first object to buy.



Start imaging your bed soft and comfortable.

Bed and mattress are two elements pretty important for your health. The way you sleep influences your daily life. Pay attention when you choose this two elements, and don’t save money.

Moreover, the bed is the main furniture in the room and around it you can configure very different atmospheres.

We show you a modern canopy bed, the lines are well defined and clean, as an empty cube.You can also think about the walls, the color is very important for your mood, the wall painting has to be proportionated to the room, we propose a soft color to enlarge the room if it is not so big.



Another main element is the bedside table, where you can place a lamp or other things you need before sleeping. You can combine to the bed above a very simple bedside table (plain wood with a regular shape), as the following picture. In this way the contrast of the “empty” bed with the “mass” bedside table makes the room special.

To design the space place a beautiful rug beside the bed. The following image gives an example of an irregular rug, composed by different rectangular pieces that you can combine as you like, you can also choose the colors and finishings according to the ambient you want to create.


  • About lighting, there’s a world to say, but let’s stay simple. Use a table lamp for you night time illumination creating a relaxing ambient. You will also need another lamp to illuminate correctly the room.
  • If you are a fan of handmade elements, you can make your own bedside table giving a second life to a wood fruit box. Just clean, paint and place it.



The dreaming combo:


bed: Ari by Flou

bedside table: People by Pianca

rug: 36e8 by Lago design

cover image by Pianca

other images by Pinterest

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